NCVO Ghana launch Ghana Non-Profit Professionals Network

    NCVO Ghana launched its maiden Ghana Non-Profit Professionals Network (Worldwide) to bring nonprofit professionals (NGOs, charity and community-based organizations, social enterprises, executives, board members, stakeholders, volunteers, etc) in Ghana and around the world together to network, share ideas, and exchange solutions.

    The coronavirus pandemic caused a massive halt in nonprofit activities. A number of nonprofit founders who usually bankroll their organizations lost their side jobs and others were severely faced with mental health issues. Beyond lockdowns, nonprofit founders ought to connect and join forces to rebuild beyond what was built.

    They will need to collaborate, partner and complement each other to regain public trust and confidence. This was the inspiration of the Ghana Nonprofits professionals Network which was launched with a mini-networking event at Charleston Hotel in Tesano on 25th March, 2022.

    The event had the director of Ghana Nonprofit Organization Secretariat, Mr. Dela Ashiagbor present. Alongside him was experts such as Eric Ayamga (a development finance expert and senior consultant), Wilfred Adjei ( Senior Analyst – corporate finance, Research and Advisory) and over 50 nonprofit founders.

    Mr. Dela Ashiagbor, Director of the Non-profit Organization Secretariat of the Republic of Ghana

    The organization’s CEO, Shirley Abedi Boafo said: “For the Nonprofit sector to be a formidable arm that can create jobs, impact and prosperity; we ought to build together in public with a noncompetitive but collaborative mindset. This was the inspiration that led us to launch Ghana Non-Profit Professionals Network to foster relationships between nonprofits organizations and professionals”- Shirley Abedi-Boafo, CEO

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    Credit: ncvo ghana


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