Philomena Owusu is Tranforming Lives in Ghana Through Smile Agenda Foundation

Ms. Philomena Owusu is a military nurse in the US Army and founder of Smile Agenda Foundation Ghana. Her unwavering passion for the well-being of underprivileged communities is the driving force behind her work.

Smile Agenda Foundation

Vision: to Influence, Motivate, and Impact positive change in society via education to all by
creating systems through innovative projects to ensure every child of school-going age stays in the
classroom. Also, by providing educational materials to the deprived and teaching/training basic
technical and vocational skills to the less privileged.

Mission: to create and inspire a world where education will be prioritized as a basic
necessity and be made accessible to all.

Projects by Smile Agenda Foundation(2017-2023

Smile Agenda Foundation has undertaken various philanthropic initiatives, including donations to the Children’s Ward of The Accra Psychiatric Hospital, support for widows and children, contributions to educational endeavors, and collaborations to address social issues. Their projects involve providing essential items, educational materials, and Covid-19 preventive items to underprivileged individuals and communities. From face mask distributions to math set donations for academic support, Smile Agenda Foundation exemplifies a commitment to holistic community development, particularly in education and welfare.

Awards and Recognitions

Her work at Smile Agender Foundation has received multiple nominations and prestigious awards for its impactful contributions to youth advocacy and humanitarian efforts in Ghana. The most notable one is that of the recognition from Face of Ghana Youth Award 2020, as the foundation of the year.

Ms. Philomena Owusu together with her team of dedicated change-makers are transforming underprivileged societies by championing education for all.

To support her efforts through collaborations or donations visit the links outlined below

Facebook: Smile Agenda Foundation (
Twitter: @SmileAgenda (
Instagram: @SmileAgendaFoundation (

  • USA: +1 (929) 451-2068
  • Ghana: (+233)54853 2122 / (+233)54 523 1766


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