Lenoir Foundation is Changing Uganda’s Reading Revolution, One Library at a Time

Since 2021, Uganda’s literacy rate has been steadily on the rise, marking a remarkable 2.47% increase from 2018, reaching 79.00%. But here’s the catch: 60% of primary schools in Uganda still lack a proper library, leaving countless students without access to essential reading materials.

In a world where access to knowledge is power, their journey began in 2021, when they established their very first library. Their mission is to bridge the gap in access to essential reading materials and transform the lives of underprivileged learners by providing them with the tools they need to thrive in an interconnected global society.

Fast forward to today, and their efforts have been fruitful. Over 200 students at Saving Arms Primary School in the lower Makindye Division now have the key to unlocking their full potential.

The recently inaugurated new school library was graced by the presence of James Jay Mawaka; founder and Uganda’s most-read children’s author, and Oscar Ranzo, the founder of the Oasis Book Project; a non-profit organization that works to improve the reading culture of learners in schools.

Remarks by Founder

In his remarks, the founder of the Lenoir Foundation shared with pride that the opening of this 2nd library is not just about books and structures; “This endeavor represents a profound investment in shaping the future of the school and uplifting the students. We’re not merely building a space; we’re nurturing a sanctuary where young minds can freely explore their passions, ignite an enduring love for reading, and embark on a transformative educational voyage. With unwavering dedication to Sustainable Development Goal 4, we stand resolute in our mission to champion accessible, equitable, and top-tier education, while kindling the flame of lifelong learning for all, ensuring no one is left behind in our collective pursuit of a brighter future.”

In commemoration of the new library opening, he also did a book reading of his 1st children’s book Keke Misses Home for the learners at the school.

The headteacher of Saving Arms Primary School Mrs. Sebyaala Olivia was overjoyed while sharing her appreciation speech. She shared that the school has been in operation for close to 7 years, it is a low-cost community school that does its best to provide education to learners.

“It always felt like such a wild dream but here it is in our school for our students, It is such an honor that we also get to have a library of our own. This will make such a difference for our students, there will be a different mark on them among other students from different schools.”


As part of their commitment to improving the quality of education and learning in Uganda, the bookshelves have been thoughtfully arranged to cater to students of different age groups, diverse backgrounds, and reading levels ranging from primary education to higher levels. The books available are aligned with the Uganda National Schools curriculum, ensuring that students have access to relevant reference materials, textbooks, and study guides. Additionally, teachers will benefit from the teaching guides and resources available on these shelves, which are designed to aid them in delivering effective lessons.

You can join them on their incredible journey to contribute towards education for children in underprivileged communities and be part of the Tribe a community of monthly donors, it is with your collective help, that they have made so much impact as an organization over the years.


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