One on one with The founder of the Be humble project Tanzania.

What is the “be humble project” about ?

Basically, the “BE HUMBLE Project” is focused on ensuring that the basic needs of the less privileged are met.

Do you have an area of focus? As in, do you have a particular vicinity in Tanzania that you focus on, or do you try as much as possible to spread your wings across Tanzania?

We do not necessarily concentrate on a specific locality. I try as much as possible to move around to aid as many people as possible by solving their basic problems.

Now, we have a campaign known as DARASA NI DAWATI which is Swahili for ” Classroom is the desk“.

The DARASA NI DAWATI campaign is for helping primary schools in villages. We provide them with desks because here in Tanzania there are a lot of schools in the villages where students sit on rocks, the floor, or makeshift benches during lessons. This makes it difficult for them to concentrate on what is being taught. It also makes it difficult for them to write properly.

We find that many kids start to get discouraged and loathe going back to their schools. They rather engage in village activities and the girls are married off at a young age. Early this year, The Be Humble Project reached Simanjiro, Arusha (Masai Land) of Tanzania. We provided their basic school with desks to help them sit comfortably to be able to pay attention and study well in class.

What are your final words?

We have more projects in the pipeline and look forward to spreading across Tanzania and helping more people. 

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