Meet the Zimbabwean Nonprofit Making Impact Across Africa

The Ngcono Mbowane Foundation seeks to help those in developing countries achieve the sustainable development goals.

Their vision is to work, assist, and give individuals (especially children) the resources they need to live stable lives and strengthen communities.

With a mission of making basic human rights accessible to everyone irrespective of status or background, The Ngcono Mbowane Foundation has embarked on impact-driven projects in three countries: Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Tanzania.

The projects include a school give-away drive, #GirlTalk-The Live Show Girls’ Empowerment Day, food donations at a local children’s orphanage, a food hamper drive in aid of COVID-19, and PPE donations to local clinics.

In December 2019, Ngcono Mbowane Foundation won charitable effects at the Zimbabwean Young Achievers Awards. Ngcono Mbowane Foundation also won an award in Ghana for forty under forty Africa, under the category of philanthropy and charity in 2022.

About The Foundation

The Ngcono Mbowane foundation was founded by Amanda Ngcono Mbowane. The name of the foundation was coined from her middle name and surname. According to her, the Ngcono Mbowane foundation represents family, love, and helping others, with a belief that charity begins at home.

Bio of The Founder

Amanda Ngcono is a 24 year old Zimbabwean native who is a multi-award winning model, speaker, advocate of women’s empowerment, women’s rights, and girl child rights as well as a media personality. She won Miss World Zimbabwe UK 2017, Zimbabwean young achiever of the year 2018, Zimbabwean international women’s awards rising star 2018, scholar at the United Nations New York City 2019, and represented Zimbabwe at the model United Nations Tanzania 2020. In 2022, she was named one of Africa’s continental icons for forty under forty awards in the category of philanthropy and charity. Miss Global International Zimbabwe 2019, which took place in Jamaica and was part of the top 20, The Young Creative Leaders Organization named her a Global Youth Ambassador for the year 2020.

Through their projects, the foundation aims to contribute to a future where communities and individuals’ livelihoods are improved across Africa.

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