This Founder Is Promoting Reading In Rural Communities Through READ READ Foundation

Read Read Foundation was founded by Rejoice Adzivor, a public administrator and SDG 4 advocate who loves volunteering and giving back to her community. As a ‘reading’ non-profit organization, Read read’s mission is to ensure that children in deprived communities get the chance to cultivate the habit of reading. Rejoice Adzivor loves to read and has experienced the importance of reading herself. Hence, she came up with the idea of reaching out to these children in such communities.

Since its inception, Rejoice has been working tirelessly with her team of young and vibrant individuals who share the same vision as her. They have been able to set up a couple of reading clubs in selected schools and hope to reach more communities by the end of 2030.

The Read Read Foundation focuses on five modules. Thus,

  1. Set up reading clubs in schools.
  1. Organize reading competitions.
  1. Donate books to schools and orphanages to stock their libraries with them.
  1. Organize writing challenges.

They love to see children thrive and become academically excellent. They also believe that the writing challenge will help them to think and also push the children to be creative.

  1. “Meet your mentor session”

This is when guest mentors are invited to role model the children.

A book by Rejoice Adzivor

Final words!

‘So far, the foundation has achieved remarkable results and is happy to serve and make deprived communities in Ghana better. The government can’t do it all. Creating a better future and country starts with everyone’- Rejoice Adzivor

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