How Rosemond Kwakyewaa Acheampong is Mentoring Girls In Underprivileged Communities.

Daily, school girls in low- and middle-income nations find blood on their clothing for the first time in settings devoid of restrooms, running water, or encouraging teachers, mentors, or role models to help them comprehend the changes taking place in their bodies.

Additionally, there is relatively little information about menstruation taught in schools in many low- and middle-income nations. Due to the taboos surrounding menstruation in these contexts, teachers in the classroom, particularly male teachers, may be reluctant to bring up menstrual hygiene management . The teachers themselves may not be knowledgeable in certain circumstances . Adolescent girls are therefore forced to seek information outside of a formal educational setting, According to a research by Mohammed Shamsudeen,2020.

This article delves deeper into how Rosemond Kwakyewaa Acheampong is mentoring and tackling the issue of reproductive health among girls in deprived communities.

Girlswing foundation is a registered organization founded in the year 2016 by Rosemond Kwakyewaa Acheampong. She started during her national service in a school where she realized the girls lacked education on personal hygiene and other reproductive health issues. This prompted a conversation with the principal, who invited her to meet the girls every Friday for a reproductive health education section. After a few meetings, she then named the girls’ group the “Girlswing Club.”

Now, The Girlswing club is a school-based program with over 500 active members and 300 graduates. The club focuses on empowering girls to realize their full potential and assist them in their academic advancement while fostering self-confidence.

Core Values

Leadership, Inclusion, Community serviceĀ  Empowerment

Key Activities

Menstrual hygiene matters, Dinner night and awards night, Cookery class, Summer camp, The Girlsbag show 

Ongoing Projects

Back to school, Girlswing club, Menstrual hygiene and Santa wing feast.


Rosemond Acheampong kwakyewaa C.E.O / Founder




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