Be Humble Project Launches Darasa Ni Dawati Campaign To Provide Desks For School Children In Rural Tanzania

In a world where education holds the key to a brighter future, it is disheartening to see students deprived of a basic necessity – desks. However, organizations, like Be Humble Tanzania, are working tirelessly to address this issue and create a conducive learning environment for students in Tanzania’s rural areas. One such initiative is the Darasa ni Dawati (meaning ‘A Classroom Is A Desk’) campaign, which has already achieved remarkable success.

The Success of the Darasa ni Dawati Campaign in 2022:

In 2022 Sajilo Primary School in Simanjiro district, Arusha region, became the beneficiary of this initiative. The school, accommodating 85 students, was plagued by a severe shortage of desks, leaving the students with no option but to sit on the floor during lessons. Through the unwavering support of the campaign, sufficient funds were raised to provide each student at Sajilo Primary School with a desk, significantly improving the learning environment.

The Impact of the Campaign:

The positive impact of the Darasa ni Dawati campaign cannot be overstated. Students at Sajilo Primary School can now study and learn in improved conditions, free from the discomfort of sitting on the floor. This transformation has brought about a surge in motivation and enthusiasm among both students and teachers, resulting in commendable academic performance. The overwhelming response from the community and various stakeholders demonstrates the campaign’s effectiveness in generating support for its objectives. By focusing on enhancing educational infrastructure, the campaign strives to pave the way for quality education and sustainable development in Tanzania.

2023 Darasa ni Dawati campaign

The 2023 phase of the Darasa ni Dawati campaign is focusing on Msalabani Primary School in the Biharamuro district. Currently, this school desperately requires 100 desks to alleviate the prevailing challenges faced by students, including increased absenteeism, diminished academic performance, early marriages, and a rise in street children. The campaign aims to raise Tanzanian Shillings Five million (TZS 5,000,000) to fulfill the school’s need for 100 desks, with each desk costing Tanzanian Shillings fifty thousand (TZS 50,000)

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