With $500, Shiny Gloves Club Set Up Classrooms In Underserved Neighborhoods Across Africa For Children To Learn All Year Long, For Free.

Shiny Gloves Club is an organization dedicated to supporting underserved African children around the world. In order to combat poverty, they provide free high-quality education to children in need. Since 2019, they have been working in Nigeria to increase awareness about the country’s education deficit. Their programs have also been focusing on promoting entrepreneurship to help less fortunate children escape poverty. The basis of Their work is fostering creativity at a young age. Using carefully curated instructional videos, They deliver a unique curriculum aimed at teaching their students how to turn their ideas into products and hopefully businesses. Already, they have registered more than 2,000 children in Jos, Nigeria.

How They Work

Most children who cannot afford to go to school are left to fend for themselves and so many fall victim to a life of crime, gang & political violence, and terrorism. The mission at Shiny Gloves Club begins by providing an outlet for children who do not have access to education, particularly at an early age. Shiny Gloves offers a revolutionary approach to helping children in impoverished communities with classrooms for free.

Their Flagship project is their Classroom Campus 500 project. This project is a low-cost education initiative. At a cost of $500, They set up and equip classrooms in underserved neighborhoods for children to learn all year long, for free.

Their first classroom was established in Jos, Nigeria, in the Utan and Langdere communities. Students from these communities can visit these classrooms to learn about topics such as manufacturing, finance, science, arts, etc. Lessons are currently in the form of tutorial videos.


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