Give To Life Charity Organization(GTLCO) Celebrates its 1st-anniversary on, 14th May 2022, at  Lindangen Folkethus, Malmö In Sweden.

According to the founder of GTLCO, Lady Dorcas Dadzie (Mrs.),

The inception of the Give to Life Charity Organization (GTLCO) and its existence for the past year has been a dream come true. She began GTLCO with no idea what to expect. According to her, she was driven by her dream and passion to achieve great results. She said, looking back, it gives her inner satisfaction and she has no regrets. She further stated that she has no doubt that GTLCO has come to stay because they are one of the leading change-makers in Ghana today, not withstanding their current challenges and short period of existence. She said she is so grateful to God and the associates of GTLCO for their immense contribution to bringing the organization this far in just one year.

Team of the Give To Life Charity Organization

She further went on to say her bitter experience of hardship while growing up as a young woman in Ghana played a pivotal role in her ambition to establish GTLCO. Thank be to God, today she has a new story. The main aim of the organization was to empower women and youth with employable skills to be self-sufficient and provide children with educational materials.

A picture from the launch

GTLCO is a young NGO, not devoid of challenges like any other young establishment. However, we have chalked many achievements to the admiration and attention of many. Our success stories include:


One of our major ambitions as a newly established NGO was to be a legally recognized organization both in Ghana and Sweden, which involved a lot of processes. We have fulfilled all the requirements and have been given certificates backing our existence and activities. GTLCO has also successfully undergone the process of qualification to acquire a National Non-Profit Organization (NPOS) license. GTLCO has a website of its own and is present on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. This has made us authentic and dependable.


Give to Life is inching up on its awareness in the Ghanaian community through its aggressive and effective communication and publicity. Due to this, there is an increase in our membership base. Now we have one hundred and twenty (120) members in Ghana and twenty (20) in Sweden. We can also boast of six (6) executive board members as well as six (6) patrons supporting our cause.


Give to Life Charity Organization has had two major successful skill training projects, and our participants and beneficiaries are making us proud in their various areas of business through our training. The 1st training took place on the 4th and 5th of August 2021 at Ayim, a suburb of Akwapim South Municipality in the Eastern Region.

Our participants were drawn from four (4) close communities, namely, Ayim, Agyenmenti, Seipoe, and Adenkrebi. It was a two-day training and we had one hundred twenty (120) participants from these communities. Participants were given training in the areas of liquid soap making, cake and bread baking, coconut oil production, chips and doughnut making. Entrepreneurial, packaging, and marketing skills were not left out of the training. Our total cost for this training was GHC 7000.

The 2nd training was held on the 23rd and 24th of February 2022 at Berekuso, also located in the Akwapim South Municipality. We had seventy-two (72) participants who graduated successfully with certificates and were well equipped with employable skills to enhance their livelihood and support their families. The estimated cost of this training was five thousand Ghana Cedis (GH5000).

Picture from skill Training

Community Clean-Up Exercise

Give to Life, as part of its community-based projects, initiated a collaborative community cleanup project in the Berekuso community before the skill­­training. GTLCO is a holistic change maker and, knowing the importance of a clean and healthy environment, we include sanitation in our agenda when we visit these deprived communities. They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. Therefore, it is a very important area for attention. This project was done in collaboration with the Akwapim South Municipal Zoomlion office. It was successful and interesting and attracted kings, queen mothers, and other opinion leaders in the community who actively took part in the exercise from start to finish. Expenses for this exercise totalled GHC 1500.


As a charity organization, it is our main vision and focus to identify the most vulnerable in Ghanaian society and beyond and give our help and support to such people. In this regard, we cannot do better without considering orphans and the physically challenged in deprived communities.

One of the six children Under the care of Give To Life Foundation

Give to Life has six (6) children and one (1) bedridden mother whose needs are being taken care of fully. Four of these orphans are living with our founder and are under full life sponsorship as long as the organization exists. On the other hand, the other two and our physically challenged mother are living with their relatives while GTLCO sponsors their needs. It is our joy and great achievement to see these people overcome their present predicaments and to have a reason to smile again! “Ayeekoo” to GTLCO!


Part of our focus as a charity organization is to provide support for school-going children in deprived communities, especially girls. Therefore, to achieve this goal, schools in our selected areas were not left out. On December 11th, 2021, GTLCO had a nice time with these students where we had a feast together and donated educational materials. In total, three hundred (300) pupils benefited from this. These pupils were from neighboring community schools like Agymenti Basic School, Ayim Basic School, and Berekuso M/A Basic School.

Donations made included five hundred and fifty (550) exercise books, thirty boxes of pens, and sixty dozen pencils. Special awards were given to some twenty-five (25) deserving students sponsored by GTLCO. The awarded items included school bags, exercise books, mathematical sets, water bottles, pens, and pencils. Special souvenirs were given to the kings, queens, and opinion leaders in the Berekuso community. All these donations, awards, and giveaways totaled an amount of Thirteen Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH13,000). It was a great project and an achievement. The chief of Berekuso was impressed and promised us a piece of land for a training center. He has delivered on his promise.

Beneficiary of the book donation


This is a children’s correctional home where children suffering from behavioral challenges are brought to be given help. Most often, these children are left unattended by the society. GTLCO decided to extend their focus to the home as well. A donation consisting of various items was presented, ranging from bags of rice, vegetable oil, detergent, and soft drinks. The amount invested in this donation totaled GHC 3,000.

Donation to the Aboasah Community

Our last donation was made to a very deprived community that had so many developmental challenges and needed urgent attention and support. Their needs were huge and capital-intensive; they included potable water and educational infrastructure. As a young charity organization, our main limitation is a lack of funding. But that notwithstanding, GTLCO could not throw their hands in the air and do nothing but donate their little bit with joy to make sustainable change there too.

The GTLCO team went to the Aboasah community located on the Bowjiase–Adewukwa road in the Ga South Municipality on April 9th, 2022, and made donations of food items, water, clothing, slippers, footwear, and educational materials at a total cost of GHC 6000 to the people of this community.

It was all joy and happiness. On this account, GTLCO wished they could do more by providing some of their major basic needs like water and school structures. Unfortunately, due to our weak financial status, that could not be achieved. We therefore use this opportunity to appeal to organizations, individual philanthropists, donor organizations, GTLCO patrons, executive board members, and the public to support GTLCO financially to go back there and give more support. Indeed, we are making sustainable changes together, and may God bless anybody that supports our good cause. Amen!

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