Mayekoo Raises Close To 1 Million Cedis On Its Sweepstakes-driven, Crowdfunding Platform

    Mayekoo raises close to 1 Million Cedis on its sweepstakes-driven, crowdfunding platform

    Mayekoo is like a crowdfunding platform but with amazing prizes like cars, phones, and more for a lucky donor(s) who support their selected causes.

    With a vision to see a world without poverty, a world where every human being has the opportunity to live a dignified life, and despondency becomes hope, Mayekoo’s smart, effective, and sustainable way of fundraising is making waves and creating a positive impact in the lives of people in Ghana and across Africa.

    Last week, Mayekoo announced a great feat of raising close to GHC 1 Million between October 2022 and April 2023 to fund projects such as the Labadi Beach Restoration Exercise. They also partnered with organizations such as Ahaban Greenleaf Foundation, Cornerstone Primary School, Vakpo Medical Center, and Impact Youth Foundation to carry out similar projects in healthcare and education.

    Mayekoo was coined from the Ghanaian cultural saying, “mi ma mo ayekoo,” which means “I’m congratulating you.” To the founders, Mayekoo is a salute to everyone joining the organization’s mission of helping eradicate poverty in Africa and around the world.

    The platform was launched in October 2022 and is likely to stay for a long time.


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