Liquid Love Foundation Launches Merch for Pad Initiative

A conversation with Precious Esi Mensah,

According to her, women all over the world face challenges with regard to achieving optimum menstrual hygiene, with girls in developing countries having their fair share of these challenges, if not more. To achieve optimum menstrual hygiene and health, all females, irrespective of their age, should have access to information related to menstruation and their menstrual cycle throughout their life. All females should be able to cater to their bodies during their menstrual cycle with specific regard to their safety and privacy. 

Precious Esi Mensah, Founder of Liquid Love Foundation

She further went on to say that an aspect of menstrual hygiene that is often overlooked is the ability of all females to obtain medical care for menstrual cycle-related disorders and pain relief. The menstrual cycle, like other natural processes experienced by females such as childbirth, is laced with myths that seek to define a woman based on her ability to bear all these without seeking any form of pain relief. These myths attempt to ridicule women who seek pain relief and care during these times, and any attempt by any female to alleviate the pain is seen as a taint on womanhood. Also, myths such as “women are always menstruating,” “menstrual blood is dirty blood,” “a woman’s feelings about any issue can be dismissed when she is menstruating,” and “hormones define women” are a few of the many myths that undermine achieving excellent menstrual hygiene. Many females, particularly girls, face discrimination, menstrual-related exclusion, and exclusion from many, if not all, aspects of their lives in developing countries.

All females should have access to menstrual products, sanitation, and facilities in order to ensure that every woman has proper menstrual hygiene. Unfortunately, this is not so for many women, especially girls in developing countries.

Tell us more about your Merch for pad initiative?

On May 28th, 2021, Liquid Love Foundation launched the “HER” project, which seeks to provide girls in deprived communities access to sanitary products every month to help with their menstruation. Also, the project seeks to provide young girls with the necessary education on menstrual hygiene. This can go a long way to helping them and keeping them abreast with their menstrual health requirements.

Liquid Love Foundation has set a target to reach a minimum of 10,000 girls in the next 5 years. 

Our Menstrual kit

The project was launched in addition to shirts with inscriptions on menstruation and menstrual hygiene. Proceeds from the sale of the shirts are used to raise funds for the “HER” project.


Tell us what you have achieved so far in this one year and the way forward?

We visited one school and an orphanage with donations and information on menstrual hygiene in the past year. In the coming year, we plan to visit more schools and orphanages with Period Kits and menstrual hygiene education.

Picture from our school visit

As previously said, our goal is to monthly support Less privileged girls, but this will only be achievable if we can secure appropriate funds and greater shirt sales.

Picture From our Orphanage visit

What are your final word?

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