Benignant Youth Ghana Is Supporting Prisoners And Children.

Benignant Youth Ghana is a nonprofit organization in Ghana that provides financial support to children and women. The organization works with hospitals, orphanages, and prisons. Their close contact with the hospitals make them the first point of contact when a child is neglected by an absconded mother or when a mother cannot genuinely afford the fee.

The organization also works in close proximity with prisons to offer women and girls at the prisons with sanitary pads and other menstrual hygiene kits. In Ghana, a prison built to accommodate 700 people houses approximately 4,000 inmates — almost six times the number of people intended. The Ghana Prisons Service (GPS) receives GH1.80 (USD 0.22) as a feeding allowance for prison inmates, which is below the new global poverty line, which is $2.15.

The fact is that, the Ghana prison service is underfunded and it presents a huge menstrual health challenge to inmates. Through Benignant Youth Ghana, prisons are becoming a safe haven for women’s health. One of their recent projects was at the Kete Krachi prison. They shared their visit as a very memorable one, narrating how they spent hours en route due to the bad state of the roads leading to the prison, and according to them, their journey was fulfilling because they were among the few nonprofits who had visited the place due to the distance.

Christiana shared her story of growing up in an impoverished family who struggled to feed and afford her basic needs. This inspired her and her friends to start Benignant Youth Ghana and their decision to focus on assisting the marginalized and vulnerable in society.

They have made four significant donations in less than a year since their inception.


Benignant Youth Ghana is building their employable skills training programme for orphanage homes. They are also working to offer tech, beads, and bakery training to children in their partnered orphanage homes. Again, the organization is wrapping up its social enterprise initiative to create a sustainable revenue stream to finance its important philanthropic work.

Final words !

In future, Benignant Youth Ghana seeks to be the leading health financing non-governmental organization in Ghana.

‘We call on individuals, institutions, and corporate bodies to support the up-to-scratch work we are doing and follow us on our social media handles below.’- Christiana Boakye

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